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  1. Inverness Waistcoat Inverness Overcoat

    Back by popular demand this autumn winter 2013 season is the Inverness collection of Tweed garments, four in total.

    Select from a lapelled waistcoat, single breasted jacket, flat front trousers- and my favourite- at covert coat!

    Opt for all four, and you will be dressed for life itself. Rarely does A company invest in four pieces like this, so take advantage now while stocks are there. You won't be sorry you did.

    Inverness Suit Inverness Jacket Inverness Overcoat Inverness Trouser Inverness Suit
  2. Leadenhall Uk are proud to launch a total corporate wear offering for the first time.

    Corporate Wear

    If you are looking for higher quality, well cut and finished pieces for your staff or organisation, you have come to the right place.

    Often in this particular market you will find items which professional people dislike wearing. Not so here.

    Each product has been submitted to extensive testing so that it remains in shape and is very easy to care for.

    Larger quantites? Please ask about our deals on six or more pieces. 

    Don't let this deceive though; this range looks just at home on one person as much many!

  3. Dawlish Suit from Brook TavernerA real all rounder we find here. 

    The Dawlish suit from Brook Taverner can be worn very successfully at a Wedding, open- necked casually or for business. You don't have to choose dark colours for versatility any more; sharkskin grey is a clever choice. It fits well straight off, but wearing the jacket (perhaps even more body-tapered by your local tailor for about £20) with jeans and you have a perennial two piece. 

    Be quick- this suit will not last long.

  4. When it comes to style, there are certain things that don't date.
    Jeremy Linen Suit
    I am a huge fan of a well thought out smart Summer look which reflects your surroundings.
    Cue the linen suit with slip ons, no socks.
    True, you have to be careful to avoid that 'I've just taken my socks off, that'll do' look. But you'll find that the gently creased, lazy attitude of a linen jacket, either with well- cut jeans or matching trousers should do the trick.

    Brook Taverner'Jeremy' Linen Suit. £254.00

    Finish off with a patterned shirt without a tie, or perhaps linen again left untucked.
    Make the decision and stick to it though, as you can't tuck a shirt in and then untuck it later!
    This all serves to make you look sartorially acceptable, but not too formal.
    A little tip: sprinkle some talcum powder in the shoes and between your toes! This feels especially nice in leather - lined shoes.

    Olymp Luxor patterned shirt. £35.49 patterned shirt

    Loake Skipton Ginger suede slip-ons, contrast cream stitch. £95. Available form LSC
    Loake Skipton Ginger suede slip-ons
  5. It happens to almost everyone. One morning you wake up, you feel that you have to express yourself, either for a job interview or a date, something important.

    You want to get the right clothes, and to feel right for the occasion. Even if you are not a compulsive buyer, you know doing some shopping is going to help you achieve this.

    Now you are going shopping. You have your preferred places, where you find most of your outfits. When shopping with your partner, who always find that something special that makes you feel unique, apart from the crowd.

    What you need is a friendly Tailor to give you advice and make the best choices for you. Why not come over to our online shop, at Leadenhall UK to find the best Men's Clothing?

    Not only are we a traditional British Men's Fashion Shop, but we sell the best known quality brands at discount prices! What about our Designer, Tailored Menswear from Brook Taverner?

    They are the number one supplier for corporate menswear, and they deliver tailored and beautiful Suits, Jackets and Men's Trousers which will fit you to perfection, thanks to their tailored selections.

    We invite you to help yourself with our exclusive selection of Designer Menswear, at Discount prices. We have a dedicated page to help you to take Men's Measurements, so you can be sure you will find your perfect fit. Come now to see us on our Mens Wear Shop, and buy with confidence with our 30 days money back guarantee if your are not satisfied with our products.

    Our experienced Tailor will be most happy to talk to you on the phone or by e-mail or answer any question you have! Hope to see you very soon. Let us help you renew your wardrobe.


    Eric Gourmet, Leadenhall UK

    Best Menswear, Formal Wear, Wedding Clothing, Travel Clothing

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