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Tyler & Tyler Cuff Links Cufflinks
Tyler and Tyler

Tyler and Tyler Cuff Links
15% Discount from 2 Items from our Tyler and Tyler collection

Tyler & Tyler GQ Cover Dec 2009

Tyler & Tyler Cufflinks featured in GQ Magazine

All our high quality cufflinks, collar stiffeners, tie pins are die-struck and hand-enamelled. They are all made from Brass.

These high quality pairs of Cufflinks form part of the unique TYLER & TYLER collection. TYLER & TYLER comes from the stable of a British family-controlled manufacturing company that have been making cufflinks for some of the UK's leading fashion designers since 1969. The range has been designed by the two young sons of the family Richard and Jonathan Tyler. The collection is produced using a blend of traditional manufacturing skills and state-of-the-art technology. Classic, Stylish, Contemporary, Witty and Sharp are words synonymous with the TYLER & TYLER brand. Wearing these Cufflinks is a true expression of taste and style.

Tyler & Tyler GQ Cover Jan 2010
Tyler & Tyler Cufflinks featured in GQ Magazine. All our high quality cufflinks are die-struck and hand-enamelled. They are all made from Brass. These high quality pairs of Cufflinks form part of the unique TYLER & TYLER collection.

Cuff Links

Diffusion Black CufflinkDiffusion Black Cufflink
Diffusion Green CufflinkDiffusion Green Cufflink
Diffusion Navy CufflinkDiffusion Navy Cufflink
Diffusion Purple CufflinkDiffusion Purple Cufflink
Diffusion White CufflinkDiffusion White Cufflink
Disco Blue CufflinkDisco Blue Cufflink
Disco Brown CufflinkDisco Brown Cufflink
Disco Navy CufflinkDisco Navy Cufflink
Disco Purple CufflinkDisco Purple Cufflink
Jazz Brown CufflinkJazz Brown Cufflink
Jazz Green CufflinkJazz Green Cufflink
Jazz Navy CufflinkJazz Navy Cufflink
Jazz Red CufflinkJazz Red Cufflink
Jazz White CufflinkJazz White Cufflink
Oblong Bubbles Victorian Tease CufflinkOblong Bubbles Victorian Tease Cufflink
Oblong Fifi Victorian Tease CufflinkOblong Fifi Victorian Tease Cufflink
Oblong Tallulah Victorian Tease CufflinkOblong Tallulah Victorian Tease Cufflink
Rose Navy CufflinkRose Navy Cufflink
Rose Pink CufflinkRose Pink Cufflink
Rose Purple CufflinkRose Purple Cufflink
Rose Red CufflinkRose Red Cufflink
Satellite Blue CufflinkSatellite Blue Cufflink
Satellite Light Blue CufflinkSatellite Light Blue Cufflink
Satellite Purple CufflinkSatellite Purple Cufflink
Satellite Red CufflinkSatellite Red Cufflink
Spring Black CufflinkSpring Black Cufflink
Spring Brown CufflinkSpring Brown Cufflink
Spring Burgundy CufflinkSpring Burgundy Cufflink
Spring Light Blue - Black Nickel CufflinkSpring Light Blue - Black Nickel Cufflink
Spring Light Pink - Black Nickel CufflinkSpring Light Pink - Black Nickel Cufflink
Spring Navy CufflinkSpring Navy Cufflink
Spring Pink - Black Nickel CufflinkSpring Pink - Black Nickel Cufflink
Spring Purple - Black Nickel CufflinkSpring Purple - Black Nickel Cufflink
Spring Purple CufflinkSpring Purple Cufflink
Square Cheeky Boy Victorian Tease CufflinkSquare Cheeky Boy Victorian Tease Cufflink
Square Legs Victorian Tease CufflinkSquare Legs Victorian Tease Cufflink
Square Misty Victorian Tease CufflinkSquare Misty Victorian Tease Cufflink
Square Rizty Victorian Tease CufflinkSquare Rizty Victorian Tease Cufflink
Square Roxy Victorian Tease CufflinkSquare Roxy Victorian Tease Cufflink
Vine Blue - Black Nickel CufflinkVine Blue - Black Nickel Cufflink
Vine Brown CufflinkVine Brown Cufflink
Vine Green - Black Nickel CufflinkVine Green - Black Nickel Cufflink
Vine Green CufflinkVine Green Cufflink
Vine Navy CufflinkVine Navy Cufflink
Vine Pink - Black Nickel CufflinkVine Pink - Black Nickel Cufflink
Vine Purple - Black Nickel CufflinkVine Purple - Black Nickel Cufflink
Vine Red CufflinkVine Red Cufflink
Zig Zag Blue CufflinkZig Zag Blue Cufflink
Zig Zag Green CufflinkZig Zag Green Cufflink
Zig Zag Purple CufflinkZig Zag Purple Cufflink
Zig Zag Red CufflinkZig Zag Red Cufflink

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