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Thin Ties Thin Ties

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Woven Silk Thin Ties 5.5cm

Woven Silk Thin Neckties

Modern silk thin ties 3.5 cm or 5.5 cm to stand out from the crowd, Knitted silk 7.5cm c 148cm Semi Thin Ties, Thin Woven polyester ties to look trendy, Stylish, perfect to wear with small collar shirts and Size 5.5cms x 148cms, and our Poly Knitted Thin 5.5cm ties.

Thin Ties

Thin SilkThin SilkThin woven silk ties WS 5.5 cm or TT 3.5 cm. With these modern ties you are sure to stand out from the crowd. 100% Silk.
Knitted SilkKnitted SilkKnitted silk 7.5cm c 148cm Semi Thin Ties
Thin PolyThin PolyThese thin Woven polyester ties will make you look trendy and Stylish, whether you are a Mod or a Business Man. These ties are perfect to wear with small collar shirts. Size 5.5cms x 148cms in size.
Knitted Poly Square CutKnitted Poly Square CutKnitted Poly Ties Square Cut, Poly Knitted Thin 5.5cm ties
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