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Leadenhall UK Blog

LeadenhallUK Blog

Some things in menswear remain relatively unchanged after many years.
The Covert coat is deservedly such an item.

This coat is 3/4 length and usually has a velvet top collar, which served a practical purpose in years past. Those days are gone, but the velvet stays. That's a great thing because it tells the garment apart from other items instantly.
My preference is to see it worn without a suit jacket underneath, which indicates you should purchase one in a similar way to how you purchase a suit jacket. It just keeps everything more elegant.
Bladen Original Covert Coat Bladen Covert Coat Blue Light
However a Covert coat can very successfully be worn casually with well cut, not too disheveled jeans and relatively smart shoes. This presents the wearer with  more value in the garment as well as a smarter, effort- given look when dressing down.
Leadenhall are proud to show the Bladen Covert coat. The cut and quality is very hard to beat for £395; full canvas chest pieces along with the classic cloth make this something you won't have to replace in a hurry (unless they bring another colour out!). 
I've taken a few photographs in daylight and artificial light to illustrate what a beautiful cloth this is made of.

Beware of cheap versions of this. They start to look very sorry for themselves very quickly!
I can wholeheartedly recommend this coat for the Autumn/Winter season. 

Some things need changing, others are better left alone. 
Covert Coat Pocket
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