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Chunky Dome Cufflinks by Sonia Spencer

Designed and created in the Sonia Spencer studio, the Chunky Dome range is a large and fast moving collection reacting to seasonal palettes and pattern trends. NEW Cufflink designs available in all style sections.
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2404r Ball Cufflink2404r Ball Cufflink
2004r Barcode Cufflink2004r Barcode Cufflink
2808r Hearts & Flower Cufflink2808r Hearts & Flower Cufflink
Black SwirlBlack Swirl
Wavey Stripes OrangeWavey Stripes Orange
Blonde BabeBlonde Babe
Blue SpiroBlue Spiro
2320r Pure Colour Cufflink2320r Pure Colour Cufflink
6310 Pure Colour Violet Cufflink6310 Pure Colour Violet Cufflink
Brown WallpaperBrown Wallpaper
7206r Game Cufflink7206r Game Cufflink
6315 Pure Colour Pale Blue Cufflink6315 Pure Colour Pale Blue Cufflink
2010rt Barcode Cufflink2010rt Barcode Cufflink
2012rt Barcode Cufflink2012rt Barcode Cufflink
2801r Hearts & Flower Cufflink2801r Hearts & Flower Cufflink
Union JackUnion Jack
Square CirclesSquare Circles
Bubbles MonoBubbles Mono
Purple SpiroPurple Spiro
Big Bold Flowers BlueBig Bold Flowers Blue
Wavy Stripes BlueWavy Stripes Blue
Blue CubeBlue Cube
Purple BlockPurple Block
6309 Pure Colour Orange Cufflink6309 Pure Colour Orange Cufflink
2405r Ball Cufflink2405r Ball Cufflink
2001r Barcode Cufflink2001r Barcode Cufflink
2002r Barcode Cufflink2002r Barcode Cufflink
Bear or BullBear or Bull
2815 Stripey Pink Heart & Flower Cufflink2815 Stripey Pink Heart & Flower Cufflink
Space DotSpace Dot
White TwinkleWhite Twinkle
Centipede LiquoriceCentipede Liquorice
Overlap Flowers MonoOverlap Flowers Mono
Starburst TealStarburst Teal
China BabeChina Babe
Blue CircleBlue Circle
6308 Pure Colour Royal Blue Cufflink6308 Pure Colour Royal Blue Cufflink
Brwon DoyleyBrwon Doyley
7205r Game Cufflink7205r Game Cufflink
2005r Barcode Cufflink2005r Barcode Cufflink
Magenta FlowerMagenta Flower
Brown DuffyBrown Duffy
Cuved WeavesCuved Weaves
Big Bold Flowers PinkBig Bold Flowers Pink
6307 Pure Colour Grey Cufflink6307 Pure Colour Grey Cufflink
6311 Pure Colour Yellow Cufflink6311 Pure Colour Yellow Cufflink
6314 Pure Colour White Cufflink6314 Pure Colour White Cufflink
Grey CirclesGrey Circles
Egg JewelEgg Jewel
Black CheckBlack Check
Starburst RavenStarburst Raven
Blue DoyleyBlue Doyley
Ble BullseyeBle Bullseye
Magenta Overlap CircleMagenta Overlap Circle
Pink PyramidPink Pyramid
6317 Pure Colour Burgandy Cufflink6317 Pure Colour Burgandy Cufflink
6319 Pure Colour Jade Cufflink6319 Pure Colour Jade Cufflink
2401r Ball Cufflink2401r Ball Cufflink
2813rt Hearts & Flower Cufflink2813rt Hearts & Flower Cufflink
Black SquareBlack Square
Green SpiroGreen Spiro
Blue PyramidBlue Pyramid
Orange SpiroOrange Spiro
Pink HourglassPink Hourglass
Blue FlowerBlue Flower
2236 Googly Circles Orange Psychedelia Cufflink2236 Googly Circles Orange Psychedelia Cufflink
6312 Pure Colour Pink Cufflink6312 Pure Colour Pink Cufflink
6313 Pure Colour Mauve Cufflink6313 Pure Colour Mauve Cufflink
Grey WallpaperGrey Wallpaper
Blue OceanBlue Ocean
Blue Overlap SquareBlue Overlap Square
Turquoise LiquidTurquoise Liquid
Egg TealEgg Teal
6318 Pure Colour Black Cufflink6318 Pure Colour Black Cufflink
2011rt Barcode Cufflink2011rt Barcode Cufflink
2814 Blue Stripey Heart & Flower Cufflink2814 Blue Stripey Heart & Flower Cufflink
40 Something40 Something
60 Something60 Something
Lightening ThunderLightening Thunder
Pink ScalesPink Scales
Green WeaveGreen Weave
Overlap Flowers PurpleOverlap Flowers Purple
Tan OvalTan Oval
Red LiquidRed Liquid
6315 Pure Colour Green Lime Cufflink6315 Pure Colour Green Lime Cufflink
6316 Pure Colour Magenta Cufflink6316 Pure Colour Magenta Cufflink
2402r Ball Cufflink2402r Ball Cufflink
50 Something50 Something
Googly Circles BlueGoogly Circles Blue
Blue PoppyBlue Poppy
Readhead BabeReadhead Babe
Blue SwirlBlue Swirl
Jade FlowerJade Flower
Blue MeadowBlue Meadow
7204r Game Cufflink7204r Game Cufflink

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